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See our True Colors

When you see our soap you see our true colors. As you probably notice our soaps look almost the same; that is because we do not add colorants or dyes to our soaps. Clays have also been known to add color to soap. Certain clays are great for facial mask and shaving soaps, but would lose its effectiveness in an everyday bar of soap and would mostly just be added for color. There are some clays that are great for soap bars. The challenge is finding the right clays. Many clays are specific in how they attract oil and dirt from the skin and will dry the skin out. We try to focus on soaps for those with sensitive skin and not a lot of clays cater to sensitive skin. Kaolin Clay is known to work well with sensitive dry skin. The main problem for us with clays is the sourcing and purity of the clays. We want to ensure the sustainability of the clay and the purity.

We do use herbs in our soaps and they influence the color of our soaps. All of the herbs, bulbs, and foliage used in our soaps are organic, responsibly sourced and sustainable. Rest assured that there is a cleaning and healthy skin care benefit to every ingredient in our soaps. We intentionally create our soap recipes to clean, refresh and revive skin.

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