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We love body care and clean living. We believe sustainability and healthy options are fundamental. 


Yes, we love skincare, clean living, and sustainability. What began as addressing a personal need grew into a family business. In an effort to provide a clean, vegan-friendly, and healthy product; we began handcrafting our own skincare products using organic oils and essential oils in all of our recipes. We handcraft our body care products with resolve. 


We love working in and with our local communities. The community is a large factor for us as individuals make the family, families make the community, and the community makes our society. Therefore, healthy individuals create a healthy community.



is the designer and curator for our blends and products. She began working with Essential Oils in 2013 to manage her and her family's health. Once she began making soap, she expanded her reservoir and began creating blends. Her drive and passion is the reason we are in the body care business.

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loves meeting and engaging with new people. She attends almost all the markets. She is diligent in serving and has a heart for people. She loves making all of our skincare products and helps in packaging our products. She is instrumental in every aspect of the business.   

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The Team


brings it all together for us. She has a superb eye for setting up and displaying our products. Her customer service skills are impeccable. She also helps in handcrafting our products. Being an educator at heart she loves sharing the benefits of our Essential Oil blends with customers and guest.

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makes sure we are getting the best raw products at the best price. He researches vending and marketing opportunities. From time to time, he works our booth at various markets. He keeps the atmosphere light and has a niche for making people laugh.

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The Team


We love body care and clean living. We believe sustainability and healthy options are fundamental. 

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