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No Need to Sacrifice Your Skin

Every season of the year brings his own challenges to our. The Winter brings harsh frigid temperatures which can cause our skin to dry out and chaft; during the Spring and Fall there are the mosquitoes and other biting bugs; during the summer there is the scorching heat and all the rays of the sun. However whatever the season there is that you can do to protect and care for your skin.

As we enter into the Fall lets address those mosquitoes who will be out in full force. Of all the benefits of essential oils in skincare; keeping bugs away is one of my top favorites. The are a number of essential oils that are known to keep bugs away. I have tried them in arousals and even various sprays, however the most effective method is in a body oil. We have crafted our own blend of essential oils and base oils to protect the skin from bug bites. We found that our original handcrafted blend of essential oils in our Buug Bye Body Oil does a great job of keeping our skin free from bug bites. But if you forgot or didn't have Buug Bye on and was bitten by bugs try our blend of essential oils in Skin Net Body Oil which has been known to help the skin heal.

So there is no need to sacrifice your skin for the enjoyment of outdoor activities in any season.

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