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It began with PTSD

While deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 through 2003 I developed PTSD symptoms. For years I worked to manage these symptoms. Upon returning home from Afghanistan, I also found my skin was sensitive and reacted poorly to all store-bought soap; even the high-end soaps. The lotions and creams that used to bring my skin relief no longer brought relief.

As I worked to understand what was happening to my body, I stumbled upon the healing benefits of essential oils.


Soon after learning about essential oils, we began buying handcrafted organic soap. Lavender was my favorite, as it helped with the management of anxiety and insomnia. Eventually, the soap vendor moved. I tried to go back to store-bought non-organic soap, but my skin became irritated. So I began learning the craft of soap making. I needed to manage all the soap ingredients, so I stayed away from the "melt and pour" soap-making method and found my heart is with pure soaps that were clean. 

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