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Is Natural Naturally Good?

Updated: May 3, 2018

So you are using organic skincare products infused with essential oils and your skin becomes inflamed. What's the deal? Isn't what's natural naturally good for you? Well no. Have you ever considered that too much of the same thing is a bad thing. It is a good idea to change up essential oils. If you use too much of one particular essential oil can you can develop a skin sensitivity to it. So it is best to change it up now and then. Eventually that essential oil will not have the same benefits because you skin will have become desensitized to it. For instance many people use Peppermint Essential Oil for headaches. However if you have very frequent headache and use Peppermint Essential Oil frequently to combat them; you will find that soon it is not as effective and soon it will become noneffective.

When it comes to specific essential oils you can be allergic to them. If you suffer from allergies you have to be very careful. There are a few essential oils believed to help alleviate allergy symptoms. That are also some essential oils that you may cause you to have an allergic reaction. Typically you will know when you smell a particular essential oil if you body will reject it. However, skin sensitivities usually develop over time. If you are not familiar with an essential oil allow it to sit out so you can experience the aromatherapy prior to using it on your skin. AND, you should never use an essential oil directly on your skin. Most of the essential oils used in our products are fairly popular and most people have some experience with them.

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