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I just have to share this!!!

Yesterday I was having a rough morning. The thought came to send a text to a couple of close friends and asked them to say a simple prayer. "Lord, be with me today, settle my heart, cover me in your grace and mercy. Help me to see you in my day, in the simple". After those words came into my heart. I felt God heard me and I would just trust Him.

We went about our day. Running children to activities, running errands, and doing chores. As we took the first car to get washed I noticed a thrift store next door. We came home and got the truck. I wasn't going to go back with Will Moody Sr but I knew I needed to go. Once we cleaned the truck I asked him if we could stop at the thrift store.

For months I have been looking for a piece of furniture to go into our dining room to house all of our skincare materials and equipment. More items were running about $1,000. I didn't want to spend that much. I had thought about going to a thrift store or an estate sale for something around $100. I wasn't sure I would find anything at that price.

We get to this particular thrift store and the lady outside said they are closed. They close at 4pm. She asked if I had anything in mind and I told her I was looking for a particular piece of furniture. This said "This is God" She takes us into the store and shows us a unit with two pieces and then a China Cabinet. As soon as I saw the unit with two pieces I knew that was what I needed. She said it is $120 for both parts. We get ready to load them in the truck. As we are going out the other lady says there is another piece the own created that sits between the two units. She said we could have it they were just going to throw it away, We take it. Will says he will get some joints to make it stable.

We get it home, clean it up, and Will Moody Sr attaches the added piece. When I saw how he attached it, I knew it was God. But I still wasn't sure all of our materials and equipment would fit in the cabinets. But I was tired of those jugs just sitting on the floor and all the equipment all over the tables.

My mom, Enda Bowman, comes in and helps me to start loading everything in the cabinets. I put the first few jugs in and notice how they fit so perfectly. I knew it was God. Everything fit so perfectly. I was able to get everything off the floor and off the tables. We can actually have dinners in there again! Once we cleaned everything up, got the boxes off of the floor, and put everything neatly in the cabinets; I thought about my prayer.

God moved, He hears and He sees. We all have those times when things are not comfortable when it is hard, painful. But God sees and He knows. He is always with us. He is omnipresent. We just have to see Him, know He is present.

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