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Family Matters

Our Family

Everything we do is for our family. We started our business due to family needs and to develop a legacy for our family. Our pillars are Faith, Family, Friends. We have daily, weekly and seasonal regiments to honor and strengthen our in Faith, with our Family, and with our Friends.

We have seasonal family sabbaticals where we will take an extended leave from business and our routine lives to focus on loving and appreciating each other.It is during these days that we build lasting bonds, have intense conversations, lots of fun and adventure and most important create lasting memories.

Due to this years sabbaticals we will have an alternative vendor schedule at Morningside Farmers' Market. Our days at the market will be as follows:

Saturday, November 2nd; Saturday, November 16th; Saturday, December 7th and Saturday, December 14th. Stop by and check out our Holiday Specials.

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