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Doing Sublime in 2 thousand 1. 9.

For the past three years we have been diligently working to provide our customers with clean some; organic non-toxic soap and skincare products. Late last year we felt as thought we encounter a major shift in trying to understand our position in the skincare word.

Notice: All organic oils, we could not fit them all in the piture.

We have worked hard; staying true to our mission and guarding our integrity--never compromising on the quality of our ingredients. It has been a challenge to marry quality with cost. However, we have remained true.

We thank you for remaining true with us. For your dedication to our products and believing in a clean skincare system. We are still working to introduce new products this year. Such as a body wash, body scrub, liquid soaps and more. So stay tuned... as we do sublime in 2 thousand 1. 9.

Sage and Pure & Gentle Soap Ready to Cut

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