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If you have followed us for a while, you know that every three months we rotate our stock and while we have a few products we offer year round there are some items which are seasonal. There are a few of reasons for that.

1. Not all essential oils are readily available year round. Just like produce, essential oils have a season.

2. The added benefit of many essential oils is based on the season. Healing chapped skin is crucial in the Winter, but in the Summer we want to keep those bugs bites to a minimum.

3. Organic essential oils do not last forever; they will expire so use them up.

Crafting our skincare products with organic oils and no preservatives means that our products do not have the same shelf-life as other skincare products. Our Pure & Gentle Soap and body creams are good for over a year; our organic soaps and body creams infused with essential oils don't fare as well. Aromatherapy soaps will lose their effectiveness after about five to six months. The bars will still lather up and clean, however that aromatherapy benefit diminishes after six months. Our body creams and oils hold their aromatherapy benefits longer than the soaps, yet we keep them on a short rotation as well.

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